homeheadnewAt its most simple, it means that the Goddess has awakened you to her presence. The sacred feminine has been revered for millennia and has celebrated a renaissance in the last few decades. The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names offers an infinite variety of ways to know her and to find her within yourself. For some, she is the Great Goddess, without individual aspects. For others, she is known by name, from Astarte, Bast, and Cerridwen to Xochiquetzal, Yemaya, and Zemyna. She is Maiden, Mother, Queen, and Crone. She is embodied by the cycles of the moon and the turning of the seasons and the beating of your heart. She is both timely and timeless.

Women come to the Goddess path through many portals. Some have been wounded and damaged by the religion of their childhood and their culture, forced into dogmas that haven’t fed their spirit. The Goddess path offers personal empowerment for women who have long been denied a mirror of their own beauty in patriarchal faiths. Change comes slowly to mainstream religion, but change does come, and bridges of understanding are being built all the time. It is my hope that those who love the Goddess will always come from a place of peace, helping to heal the wounds caused by repressive teachings and rejection of the feminine.

The portal of love is opened when the Goddess is recognized as being a living force in the modern world, not a myth from ancient days long laid to rest. Her beauty, wisdom, strength, and compassion rush in to fill the empty, hungry places of the spirit. She is remembered, reclaimed, renewed. Falling in love with the Goddess is as blissful as any romance, and as the relationship deepens, it becomes part of your daily life, moment to moment.

I offer two year-long programs to help women deepen that relationship: Wisewoman Wheel of the Year and Ninth Wave. I invite you to click the links above to learn more about them.

The link for the Goddess Temple takes you to an etheric temple where you can spend time with some of her many aspects.

As a priestess of the Goddess, my life is vowed in service to her. If I can be of service to you in your spiritual journeying, please let me know.