Ninth Wave

9whead3What is Goddess Magic?

It is opening your awareness to the presence of Goddess in your life every day. It is making each day sacred. It is recognizing yourself as powerful, whole, and wise. It is honoring your work, home, relationships, and experiences as gifts from the Mother. It is living each day with a deep and purposeful sense of connection.

Goddess Magic is about coming home to your deepest sense of self.

Ninth Wave is a year-long journey of spiritual opening and centering. Ninth Wave is not a spiritual or religious tradition — it’s an eclectic, Goddess-focused approach that allows you to explore your own relationship with spirit. The purpose of this exploration is to help you make meaningful changes in your life, so that your spiritual path and practice become the foundation of all you do in the world.

There are specific activities and suggestions in Ninth Wave, but there is truly no “wrong way” to proceed. Ninth Wave is not a “class” in which the teacher imparts a specific body of knowledge to the student, to be taken in as dogma. Nor is it something that you accomplish in order to say you’ve completed a certain course or training. Rather, it’s a journey in which the goal is awareness in the moment, open-heartedness, and finding joy in a meaningful, personal spiritual practice.

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