How do I sign up?

signupFirst, take a little time to make sure you can make a year’s commitment. You should be committed to continuing your spiritual work no matter what comes up for you in the year. Be assured that stuff will come up, and that this is part of your spiritual lessons and part of the gift from the Mother. Pray for guidance and clarity. Each month’s work will involve time spent in ritual, journaling, creating artwork, and other tasks. You do these at your own pace, integrating what you learn about yourself in the process.

The Ninth Wave journey differs from a regular class or course because the goal isn’t to get through it. The goal is to be IN it, every day, and by so doing, be more fully in your connection to the Goddess and your most meaningful life. If you are planning a big move, a career shift, or a baby, it might be best to wait until your time and energy open up a bit. And I’ll still be here when you’re ready.

If it all feels right to you, you can use the following form to sign up. When I get your application, I’ll get in touch with details about starting, how to pay (PayPal or check), and anything else you need to know.

Local Circle Only

If you are interested in the Local Circle path, you need to have at least three women in your circle and be able to meet together in person. Each circle sister will need to send in a separate application. Please fill in the additional items below, so I will know to watch for your circle sisters' applications as they come in.