What is the Ninth Wave journey?

journeyThe original Ninth Wave program was co-created in 1999 by Lunaea Weatherstone and MaryScarlett Amaris. Both of us were ordained and experienced priestesses, and we originally envisioned Ninth Wave as an in-person priestess training program. But it soon evolved into an online correspondence program for all women who love the Goddess, whether they hear the call of priestess vocation or not. After the first year, MaryScarlett moved on to pursue her many other tasks as priestess and teacher. Drawing from the experiences and feedback of the first sisters to journey the Nine Waves, I revised and rewrote the Ninth Wave material, and continued offering it to individual women and circles. At the request of women who had finished Ninth Wave and wanted more, I created a second-year program called Farther Shore, which is now being offered as a stand-alone journey, Wisewoman Wheel of the Year.

mapNinth Wave is a spiritual voyage that lasts the traditional mystical period of a year and a day. The commitment to a full turn of the Wheel of the Year is significant, for it is through steady practice that spiritual awareness and devotion come to life.

The first three moons are Preparation for the Journey: a time of learning (and re-learning) spiritual basics, clarifying your spiritual values, creating a daily devotional practice, getting in tune with your natural and cosmic rhythms, and preparing for the second part of the program, the Nine Waves.

For the remaining nine moons of the journey, the skills and practices learned during the preparatory months will be strengthened. Each Wave has a particular focus, a way of deepening, growing, expanding your spirit. These themes are not revealed until it is time to begin each stage of the voyage, as they build upon each other and should not be anticipated (and besides, it’s fun to be surprised!). Being in the moment is a vital part of the journey. This involves a certain amount of trust, both in me and in the fact that you are in the right place at the right time. Many of the women who have taken the Ninth Wave voyage have been amazed at how perfectly each Wave’s theme seems to magically fit with the events of their lives at the time. There are no coincidences!

Is it a priestess training program? No. The year-long Ninth Wave program is for any woman who wishes to deepen her relationship with Goddess and self. It stands on its own, with no expectations other than living in the moment and practicing your spirituality in your everyday life.

What is each moon’s work like? Every new moon, you will be sent a link to a new set of web pages. These pages contain materials to study, tasks to undertake, resources to seek out, and guidance for the weeks ahead. There will be suggestions for ritual, divination, journaling, and other creative ways to explore the themes. Everything that is offered is a suggestion; this is not a course where you are required to prove what you have accomplished! It is a journey for yourself alone, and you will get out of it what you put into it. The material is intended to be flexible, so you can add your own particular “flavor” of devotion, whether you are called to worship an Egyptian goddess, or follow a shamanic path, or just understand the sacred feminine in yourself a bit better.

Although the web pages are sent via email and will be your source for the work each month, your real spiritual work will be done away from the computer, in your real life. The way in which you participate and receive feedback depends on the path you are on. Select the “Ninth Wave paths” link to the left to learn more.