What does Ninth Wave mean?

meanIn Celtic tradition, the boundaries of the mortal world are marked by the ninth wave. Beyond the ninth wave is the Otherworld, where magic happens, where the soul journeys. Avalon is beyond the ninth wave. Although this program is not specifically Celtic or Avalonian in nature, the mystical power of the number nine still weaves its spell:

  • Nine is the number of magic and spellwork, where charms are cast with the power of three times three.
  • Nine is the sacred number of the Goddess in many traditions.
  • In the tarot, nine is the number of the Hermit, the solitary wise one, who shines light on the path. Nine is also associated with the Moon (card 18), which is the card of intutition and women’s mysteries, and nine’s root is the Empress (card 3), the card of sacred feminine power.
  • In the Celtic underworld, nine maidens tend the cauldron of rebirth, and they are the keepers of memory. (Similar to the nine Muses, whose mother is Memory.)
  • There are eight holy days in the Wheel of the Year, and the ninth one completes the circle (a year and a day).

The name “Ninth Wave” was chosen to symbolize the voyage of discovery through these and many other mysteries.