Wave sister words

voicesHere are a few words from Wave sisters upon completing their year’s voyage of the Ninth Wave:

“This year opened me up to myself in ways I had not even thought about previously. I feel truly changed, transformed. I feel like I am beginning to walk on a new path, having completed a major journey of transformation. I am grateful to you for being there throughout the process providing guidance and support whenever asked. And for the gift of the Nine Waves you have given me, the other sisters, given us all, I am and always will be eternally grateful.”

“Thank you for a most inspiring year. You were right…I am not the same person that I was a year ago. I loved every new moon when the next lesson arrived. This year has been the most sacred, beautiful experience of my life. I have loved every moment of the Ninth Wave.”

“Thank you so much for this past year. I have learned so much about myself: I have been able to take stock of what has been working in my life and what wasn’t… I have learned to be much kinder to myself… My entire day has become a ritual and a form of worship. I see the workings of the Mother Goddess everywhere, outside of me and deep within me. I am ready to continue onward…”

“These months of journeying with the Goddess have held so many different experiences of tears, sadness, laughter and enlightenment. Most of all, it’s opened my awareness to question myself more, and to know and believe in my heart that life is truly an adventure…. I have gone from a broken-hearted, scared woman to a stronger, happier lady in love with my solo journey.”

“Thank you so much for following your heart-centered dream of creating this journey for women. I can truly see how some women become frightened of changes, of their growth, and in many cases the ripping away of the illusion of the life they had been living. I myself almost fell into the same fear-based void. I now feel like I’ve been anchored in place and can put my hand back and help others along the way.”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to partake in such a wonderful program. The information, the tasks and everything about your program is first rate. I have learned so much about myself, Goddess, and the journey…”

“It’s been a full year, a fruitful year. A year of preparing the earth, seeding my intent. A year of growth and transformation and many lessons. You have guided me well, helped me find my path. And for this I am deeply grateful.”