Wisewoman Wheel of the Year

wheeltitle3Round and round spins the Wheel, each season bringing its own beauty, blessings, and opportunities to deepen and grow. This is a 12-month journey in which you explore one theme each month attuned to the seasonal energies. Each theme is grounded in real-world spirituality, with the intention (as with Ninth Wave) of connecting moment by moment with your Goddess and yourself. As the Wheel spins, new experiences are revealed along your wisewoman path.

mapEach month, the theme includes several regular sections:

Reflection: This is the first section in each month’s work, and the one you should read first. Reflecting on this section sets the tone for the coming weeks’ explorations. Here you will find thought-starters for journaling and creating art about the month’s theme, as well as suggestions for ritual, exercises, and questions to muse over as you walk your Goddess path.

Goddess: Each month, you will be given a specific Goddess to get to know better. As you work with this Goddess throughout the month, you’ll explore the ways she blesses and infuses the monthly theme.

Allies: Each month, you will be presented with a choice of three magical allies, from the realms of Stone, Plant, and Animal. You choose sight-unseen, using your intuition. As your knowledge of this lore grows, you’ll grow more attuned to the magical energies that permeate our world. More explanation of how to work with these allies is contained in each month’s pages.

Seasonal activities: Each month contains specific seasonal, holiday, or lunar material, with suggestions for activities, journaling, divination, and more.

In addition to these sections, each month contains items specific to its theme, as well as suggestions for additional resources. And surprises! The Goddess loves surprises.