Wisewoman Wheel Paths

suppsolOn this path, you receive feedback from me at the end of each month when you send in a report. This is a good path choice for women who want to work on their own but still receive some guidance, as it offers encouragement and support when you need it. The cost is $50 per month.

solOn this path, you journey completely on your own. I’ll send you the Wisewoman Wheel material at the first of each month, and the rest is between you and the Goddess! This is a good choice for self-directed women who don’t feel the need for a guiding priestess. The cost is $25 per month. (You are always welcome to get in touch even if you are on the Solitary path. I’m here if you need me!)

localIf you have a group of women in your local area who want to take a spin together on the Wisewoman Wheel, this is the path for you! You must be able to meet in person with each other, not just online, and the minimum number for a group is three (optimal is five to nine women). Each member of your group must have access to the web pages and be willing to make the year’s commitment (it is probably best in most cases if you have been working together a while already). You choose a representative of your group to report once a month, and I reply to the group as a whole. The cost for this path is $25 a month per circle sister. This can be a wonderful way for women to work together in a common spiritual framework. Put up a flyer, meet some new sisters!

ethericOn this path, groups of five to nine women will be “introduced” to each other via an online mailing list. Each woman will receive the Wisewoman Wheel material each month (just like on the Solitary path) and it is up to your circle how you communicate and share with each other through the mailing list. Though the level of participation will be self-directed, it’s important that you have the strong intention to give of yourself generously, not be a “lurker” who just reads what other people write. On the other hand, it’s important not to live your spiritual life online! Finding a balance of supportive communication and earth-grounded daily Goddess devotion is key. The cost for this path is $25 a month, and groups form when there are at least five women who want to begin the journey at the same time and work in a circle. (If you have long distance friends, this can be a good chance for you to work together!)

portlandPrivate mentoring may be available if you are in the Portland, Oregon, area, depending on my schedule. The material used is the same Web pages the online sisters receive, and you enroll at the Solitary path rate, with in-person sessions by arrangement at an additional $75/hour. From time to time, local circles are offered. Contact me for information on mentoring and circle openings.