Thoughts from Wisewoman sisters

voicesHere are a few words from sisters upon completing their turning on the Wisewoman Wheel of the Year:

“I cannot begin to express to you in mere words what these monthly lessons with you have brought into my life. I was so enriched by every aspect… I so looked forward to finding the email with the link to what felt like a treasure chest. You chose beautiful topics presented in beautiful ways and each time brought a deeper meaning into my everyday life. Thank you so much for all the work you do to make this world a more positive and beautiful place. I greatly appreciate it.”

“It’s been a difficult year for me personally, and this study has been that sacred spot I could hold on to and know the blessings of the Goddess in many of her guises. I can see myself unafraid to just be whoever I am in the moment. Thank you for your understanding of the humanness of all walkers of the Path.”

“I cannot say which months were my favorites, as I loved all of them! I honestly do not know how you could improve on your courses. They are reverent, sacred, and beautiful teachings.”

“I loved this year. Each time I opened the new month’s work, it was always a happy surprise. This year has left me with a sense of the Divine in everything.”

“The whole year’s work was valuable. I am again transformed just as I was after the Ninth Wave’s work. And I am grateful. Honestly, I could go through the whole Wisewoman’s Wheel again! My journey on the wheel has made me so proud and grateful to be a woman.”